Sales & revenue multiplication is now simple with Salesintegra

Salesintegra offers fourth generation Sales Engine to empower the sales team to deliver 2X sales performance and it supports the management with Sales Intelligence tools to have an enhanced traction on deliverables.

How it Works?

Salesintegra helps in micro and macro perspectives of sales cycle at multiple levels of an organization, using synchronization of top-down and bottom-up approaches to bring a highly collaborative, effective and successful sales delivery system.

Data Mining: The Great challenge for any sales person is data mining and lead generation. Our sharp market-sensitive analytics discover right opportunities for sales. Salesintegra’s Opportunity Search Engine search the web across millions of pages based on over 15 parameters set by you and research the data, analyze, evaluate and process to list the details in a minute. Ideally, 60 man hour for lead generation is been saved and the refined market data is there in your desktop in just 60 seconds.

Sales Engine: Sales is all about creation or identification of interest/need and actions to convert this into a deal. Our unique Sales Engine automates the entire sales process right from lead generations, potential creations, sales conversions and customer satisfaction. The sales team is been propped by the Sales Engine for enhanced business results.

Sales Intelligence: Our Sales Intelligence tool gives the right picture of sales and suggests corrective steps required to bring up the sales. With this tool, sales trend will be clearly projected, forecast will be precise, revenue leakage will be highlighted, errors will be tracked and efficiency level will be measured. In short, management will have a cockpit control on Sales and revenue generation.

Gamification: Sales Integra Gamification technology platform brings all stakeholders in a collaborative mode by applying game concepts in a non-game regime and creating excellent working eco system with fun and rewards, still maintaining all healthy,competitive elements in the organization to bring cohesive echo system, better revenue anda healthy balance sheet.

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